Rebuilding is never difficult for an experienced in failure. All he needs is focus.


So I saw skyscrapers and my heart was in my mouth the whole time; it really kept me at the edge of my seat. Yeah I know, to you guys it might not be all that but to me, it’s fun to watch a guy do so much to save his family.

I think this movie is more inspiring than it’s entertaining. This is why.

First, there’s a backup for everything. Honestly, this to me was entertaining. Imagine a backup plan for everything that could probably go wrong. It means you’re not scared of anything. You’ve thought about everything and you are prepared for the worst outcome.

Everything will not go as planned. Predict and solve all that can possibly go wrong.


Secondly, everything that could go wrong went wrong. Imagine if backups weren’t in place, it would have been a disaster but thanks to previous predictions the damage was managed.

When everything falls apart, use your experience from previous success to provoke massive innovation. Whatever you do, don’t get discouraged.


Lastly, they were ready to rebuild what was damaged. This greatly inspired me. He didn’t say he will move on, he said he will REBUILD. As entrepreneur or someone with a dream, you should know that sometimes your backup from A-Z will be exhausted and sometimes you’ll be left with almost nothing, don’t give up. REBUILD.

Don’t lose hope because something went wrong. You can fix it.


If you have done it before, you can do it again. Don’t give up because it failed. Do it again.

Yours truly,

ADESIYAN, Julianah Ebunoluwa.



When it comes to business growth and development networking cannot be overemphasized.

Networking is identifying and relating with people who carry your goals and are ready to work with you to achieving it.


Business is not something anyone can do alone. It requires the tiny input of others with better experience in their field or willingness to learn to grow a business. You need certain principles to network effectively.

Principle one, never work alone. An entrepreneur who wish to be in business for five, ten years or even grow his business to outlive him must learn to work with a team of people who share his dream.

Principle two, avoid critism. You must learn to put Psychology to use. Yelling and criticizing everyone’s effort or failed attempt won’t do much, rather it’ll discourage and kill their vibe. Learn to complement little efforts and encourage a weak member of a team. Your simple statement of, ‘Not bad for a start’, ‘It’s better than my first attempt’… Will go a long way to make someone do better.

Principle three, be humble. Humility is the least expected from a CEO or founder. If you make to stoop low to relate to your team members and for them to relate to you freely, you’ll have a tremendous result in no time.

Principle four, don’t compromise your beliefs. Something drove you to start your business and you believed in a course that’s why you’re where you are in the first place. Never allow someone compromise that. You can improve on it but don’t compromise it all together. Your belief is your drive. If you compromise on it, you’ll soon loose your drive and you’ll be building something different from the solution YOU wanted.

Principle five, build a business culture. Your team members should know the dos and don’t of what’s suitable for everyone to grow along with your business. Decide what you want your work environment to look like and stick to it.

Lastly, principle six, relate with people. Don’t just get contacts, you need to actually have a relationship with people on your contact list. Check on them, have a meetup once or twice a week, lunch break or even a cocktail party. Whatever you do, just make sure you stay in touch with them.

No one is an Island, you can’t take up all the responsibility to grow your business. Learn to grow your network.


Your network is your power and growth determinant.

Yours truly,

ADESIYAN, Julianah Ebunoluwa.


I saw this movie titled, ‘Boss Baby’ and I think it’s really inspiring.

I love the fact that the baby can choose (at least until he runs out of milk) when to act like a child, when to be in charge, when to be idle, how to plan his tiny Mastermind games, when to call a meeting and even win people to your side.

It then struck me that a lot of people in the real world don’t know ‘Jack’ about what life really is, what it should be or even how it is designed.

Someone came to me after committing an atrocity and said, “It really wasn’t intentional ma, I didn’t mean to hurt anyone. Everyone was going to do it so I joined in the process before I could blink I was standing alone.” I’m talking about a teenager almost in the University. If you can’t make a simple decision to standalone now, how are you going to read your books when your friends wants to play? I’m not judging, but she needs to practice.

Decisions about events in your life shouldn’t be taken by anyone that is no you.


As an adult, teenager, youth, whatever or whoever, we need to come to terms with the fact that everything we do with our life is a product of our decision and hence, a choice. I’m so sick and tired of people not taking responsibility for their actions. Especially the so-called leaders.

Yes you’ll make mistakes, after all no one is perfect but don’t hide behind the curtain and push the blame on someone else. Man up and take charge. Say, ‘Sorry I’m wrong and I’ll fix it’. It’s about time everyone become the boss of themselves.

Imagine a society where everyone knows he’s the boss of himself and a product of his decisions and choices. I think life would be better. You’ll have peace and think twice before you act.

Be in charge of you. You don’t go to war except you want to go to war. You don’t do things except you want to.

No one has the right to Lord anything over you except you give them the right.


You are who you say you are. As a matter of fact, you are exactly who you say you are. If God in His Almightiness gave you the right to choose, who on Earth has the right to order you against your wish.

I know their are exceptions to people in slavery of some sort but it actually ends the day you make up your mind and set yourself free in your mind. If you can do that, you can be free.

Whatever you decide is who you are.


Be your own BOSS!

Yours truly,

ADESIYAN, Julianah Ebunoluwa.


Your attitude to certain or any situation is actually a function of who you are.


How you do anything is how you do everything – This phrase makes so much sense. No one actually influences your attitude or reaction at any point than you want or allow. What comes out of you is directly proportional to who you are, what you’ve learnt and inculcated over time.

The question is, what actually influences our attitude?

First, the society largely influences our attitude. How do I treat a person? How do I consider people of certain gender or race? Generally speaking, your societal believe has a role to play in your attitude to occurrence and people.

Second, our upbringing is another factor that affects who you become if not corrected. What you’vebeen thought as right can greatly affect your perspective and reaction to occurrence.

The book you read greatly remoulds and rebuild your perspective to life.


Third, the book you read. This greatly remould and rebuild your perspective to life generally. Your choice of what to read is very important to who you want to become, your reasoning, abilities and even capabilities.

Lastly, your decisions. You are what you decide to be. No more, no less. You are a direct product of your decision. This is the utmost reason you react however you do.

Yes we live in a society where you are constantly criticized and scrutinized the moment your ideology is spotted as different but your decision makes all the difference.

Take some time out to decide who you want to be. This will determine the books you read. Do not let society or upbringing dictate who you are or become.

Decide for YOU.

Yours truly,

ADESIYAN, Julianah Ebunoluwa.


Dream big

This phrase and title of Ben Carson’s book has become a cliche and then I came across this phase dream bigger. Maybe our problem is that we dream Big but refuse to go bigger? Maybe we’re too scared of the surprises well encounter?

They say we use pain to kill pain. Which simply means figuratively that if you try something and it doesn’t work, stay at it n try harder. But more often than not, we stop at the first try.

So you didn’t make the BIG HIT, stay at hit. Don’t ever give up on your dream simply because you’ve tried a few times and it’s not working as planned. Not everything you try will give you the result you want right away. Sometimes you have to insist on achieving your desired result.

What if you make the BIG HIT, do you remain there? No, you DREAM EVEN BIGGER.

-Adesiyan J. E.

You can’t remain at a particular level of success and be glad at the same point. You have to enlarge your coast and make room for bigger success. It’s great that you’ve made it but can you just imagine how you’d feel if you make it even bigger? You’re the best version of you when you can go bigger.

We’re human beings because we’re always a present continuous factor. This means if you’ve hit a milestone you don’t remain there. You press further.

Your last success is your greatest enemy. Don’t remain in the past, move on.

-Adesiyan J. E.

If you keep looking back and it’s not to learn from past mistakes and become better at it then you’ve lost it. Don’t celebrate your past success, stay in the present and look ahead not behind.

Stay focused on tomorrow and just by doing that, you make today better.

Your success of yesterday shines brighter if it’s bigger tomorrow.

-Adesiyan J. E.

Yours truly,

ADESIYAN, Julianah Ebunoluwa.


So I woke up this morning feeling inspired by an event that happened yesterday and I want to share the story of my encounter with an old friend from high school.

I haven’t seen this friend of mine after seven years of leaving high school. We’ve been in touch somehow online, probably once in a month we chat and comment on whatever interest us on each others post on social media. He was so mad at life generally. He posted that love is so overrated. He according to him wasn’t complaining of failed relationships but rather that no one cares on Earth everyone just wants to be associated with success and wealth. Instead he said once you manage to get money, you will get respect, power and fake love. I realised later that he had just lost a cousin of his and he realised no one else cares.

After reading that, I took out time to reach out to him. He nagged and complained that no one loves anyone and true love exists only in the movies. I disagreed with him that if he isn’t feeling love or loved, it simply means he hasn’t loved people enough. Of course he won’t agree with that. So I gave him a practical example, a very close friend of ours in high school lost his father the previous month and he had no idea. He felt so bad and asked for a means to reach him.

My point is this, often time we nag and complain about what we don’t get from other people. We forget what we lack ourselves. Life is a game of Karma, what you give is what you receive.

You have to make a deposit to get a withdrawal or you’ll continue to live in poverty. Life is not a game of Chess, you have to be intentional about every move or you’ll loose the game to something even you won’t be able to figure out.

You can’t have what you’re not deliberate and intentional about. Go out there and give what you want and you’ll be amazed at the returns.

Yours truly,

ADESIYAN, Julianah Ebunoluwa.


TIME FREEDOM is simply the ability to have total liberty over what one does with his time without specific consciousness of who’s watching or what to do next. This simply means that you wake up when you’re done sleeping not hours before work, you read what you want to read exactly when you want to, do what you want at your own time not any anybody’s stipulated time.

MONEY FREEDOM is simply the ability to spend without a second thought or the need to budget. This sounds so nice even in my ears. Money freedom is having an unlimited debit card not credit card. You spend directly from your bank account not a borrowing arrangements. Money freedom is when you can’t count the number of zero behind your account figure or will need to put a call through to your account managers just to know how much you have in your account. It is bank manager shivering at your entrance.

The question then is, which is better – money or time freedom?

As interesting as money freedom sounds, time freedom is huge. This is why?

You can’t buy time but you can always get more money. Each time wasted, spent or passed can never be bought or recovered but you can always make more money.

Time is constant, money is not. The figure of your bank account can fluctuate, it can rise and fall depending on your level of input towards work or your income rate. You can put in more investment to make more money but Time is a constant. The currency of your time is exactly the currency everyone breathing is spending. It can’t increase just as much as it won’t decrease.

You have the greatest power over your time. Government policies can render your money useless. The economy generally can devalue the worth of your money but when it comes to time, you have the utmost say over what happens to your time.

Money can buy luxuries but money can never buy time. However with time, you make more money.

Choose wisely.

Yours truly,

ADESIYAN, Julianah Ebunoluwa.