So I woke up this morning feeling inspired by an event that happened yesterday and I want to share the story of my encounter with an old friend from high school.

I haven’t seen this friend of mine after seven years of leaving high school. We’ve been in touch somehow online, probably once in a month we chat and comment on whatever interest us on each others post on social media. He was so mad at life generally. He posted that love is so overrated. He according to him wasn’t complaining of failed relationships but rather that no one cares on Earth everyone just wants to be associated with success and wealth. Instead he said once you manage to get money, you will get respect, power and fake love. I realised later that he just loosed a cousin of his and he realised no one else cares.

After reading that, I took out time to reach out to him. He nagged and complained that no one loves anyone and true love exists only in the movies. I disagreed with him that if he isn’t feeling love or loved, it simply means he hasn’t loved people enough. Of course he won’t agree with that. So I gave him a practical example, a very close friend of ours in high school lost his father the previous month and he had no idea. He felt so bad and asked for a means to reach him.

My point is this, often time we nag and complain about what we don’t get from other people. We forget what we lack ourselves. Life is a game of Karma, what you give is what you receive.

You have to make a deposit to get a withdrawal or you’ll continue to live in poverty. Life is not a game of Chess, you have to be intentional about every move or you’ll loose the game to something even you won’t be able to figure out.

You can’t have what you’re not deliberate and intentional about. Go out there and give what you want and you’ll be amazed at the returns.

Yours truly,

ADESIYAN, Julianah Ebunoluwa.



TIME FREEDOM is simply the ability to have total liberty over what one does with his time without specific consciousness of who’s watching or what to do next. This simply means that you wake up when you’re done sleeping not hours before work, you read what you want to read exactly when you want to, do what you want at your own time not any anybody’s stipulated time.

MONEY FREEDOM is simply the ability to spend without a second thought or the need to budget. This sounds so nice even in my ears. Money freedom is having an unlimited debit card not credit card. You spend directly from your bank account not a borrowing arrangements. Money freedom is when you can’t count the number of zero behind your account figure or will need to put a call through to your account managers just to know how much you have in your account. It is bank manager shivering at your entrance.

The question then is, which is better – money or time freedom?

As interesting as money freedom sounds, time freedom is huge. This is why?

You can’t buy time but you can always get more money. Each time wasted, spent or passed can never be bought or recovered but you can always make more money.

Time is constant, money is not. The figure of your bank account can fluctuate, it can rise and fall depending on your level of input towards work or your income rate. You can put in more investment to make more money but Time is a constant. The currency of your time is exactly the currency everyone breathing is spending. It can’t increase just as much as it won’t decrease.

You have the greatest power over your time. Government policies can render your money useless. The economy generally can devaluethe worth of your money but when it comes to time, you have the utmostsay over what happens to your time.

Money can buy luxuries but money can never buy time. However with time, you make more money.

Choose wisely.

Yours truly,

ADESIYAN, Julianah Ebunoluwa.



By:- Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo.

Increasing your capacity is the ability to receive and to retain.

Look for people who have greater capacity and ask for mentorship

  • Arrogance is d barrier to changing our capacity.

  • Challenges helps us master our capacity and abilities.

How to increase your capacity

  • Change the way you think (unfreeze your old ways of thinking or your thinking pattern).

  • Increase your understanding.

  • Unfreezing change freeze.

  • Challenge your thinking – when u no longer have a challenge your capacity stop.

  • Increase your understanding of the new way.

  • Reject the word impossible.

  • Do something you’ve never done.

  • Look for people who can train you.

  • Find new challenges.

  • Look for positive associations.

  • Change of associations.

  • Look for experienced mentors.

  • Expand your connection.

  • Strengthen your character.

  • Increase your commitment to what you want to achieve.

Ask yourself what do I want and what exactly is this increase in capacity.

You might have IQ (Intelligent Quotient) but you need EI (Emotional Intelligence) to increase capacity.


Last week we discussed on the basics of healthy lifestyle and I promised to talk extensively on each of the things that ensures we have a healthy lifestyle. That’s why we’re choosing our first point today which is, ‘CONSISTENTLY CHOOSE HEALTHY FOOD’.

When we say healthy food, what exactly am I saying? In elementary science, we were taught that healthy food basically consist majorly of vegetables and fruits. Were our school teachers right or wrong?

Well, I’m pained to tell you, that is not completely true. Do not misquote me, I haven’t said our teachers taught us the wrong thing, I am saying rather that, that information is very much incomplete, dangerous to our health and the essence of our being.

What we really need to concentrate on when it comes to our health is our cells because it is the essence of living. After all, we were taught in elementary science that cell is the smallest and basic unit of life.

How then do we choose healthy food? – Well, let me start by telling you this. Healthy food is the same as healthy diet. Healthy diet is basically, eating meals in the right proportion to feed our body system ultimately. This you’ll agree with me is contrary to what we’re use to; and that is balance diet. Balanced diet is not the same as healthy diet. Balanced diet is eating all the classes of food in certain proportion but healthy diet is eating in appropriate proportion per meal. So I can say that, healthy diet is a balanced diet but a balanced diet is not always a healthy diet.

What is healthy diet? – Healthy diet according to World Health Organization (WHO) as eating in the following proportion.

  • 5% carbohydrate,
  • 15% protein (which contains 5% animal protein and 10% plant protein),
  • 30% fruits and vegetables, and
  • 50% whole grains (examples are brown or local rice, wheat, oat, and so on).

The truth is, we can’t possibly meet up with this diet can we but there is a way out. Personally what I do is supplement. This saves me from a whole lot of worrying. You live a healthy lifestyle but supplement the shortcomings.

Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment and remember, your health, is your greatest wealth.

The Juliekray Lifestyle,

Your host,

Adesiyan, Julianah Ebunoluwa.


May is national mental health month and with that, there’s a lot of awareness and light we can shine on taking care of ourselves in different ways — from the food we eat and the mental/emotional relationship we have with food.

Healthy Lifestyle is more than eating vegetables and exercising. It is doing little things consistently. It is a permanent lifestyle change from the food you eat to personal hygiene. Easier said than done right? The question is this, how do we achieve all of this?

Healthy Lifestyle entails the following:

  • Consistently choose healthy food.
  • Fit more exercises and physical activities into your daily routine.
  • Practice good hygiene.
  • Avoid unhealthy eating habits.

We’ll take this in details over the next few days.

This is Juliekray Lifestyle,
I remain your host,
Adesiyan Julianah Ebunoluwa.